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What Is The Planar Motor

What is the planar Motor?

Planar Motor is a kind of electric motor which can directly convert electromagnetic energy into plane motion. Usually by the stator, rotor and supporting components and other parts, in the support of the constraints and the role of electromagnetic force, the plane motor can drive the movement of the load to generate two dimensional movement of the plane.

1 Introduction
As with other types of motor, Planar Motor is composed of stator and rotor and support components such as part in limiting the support member and the electromagnetic force under the action of plane motion moving planar motor can drive the load to produce two dimensional. The planar motor is directly using electromagnetic energy plane motion, it has output characteristics of high density, high precision, low energy consumption, due to omitted from the rotary motion to linear motion to the middle plane motion conversion device, the control object of the same motor integral structure, with high sensitivity, fast response, good adaptability and the advantages of simple structure.

2 Types and characteristics
According to the generation principle of the electromagnetic force, the planar motor can be divided into three types, such as variable reluctance type, permanent magnet synchronous type and inductive type. The electromagnetic torque principle of three kinds of motor electromagnetic thrust respectively with the rotary motor of the same type have similar principle, in fact, various types of planar motor has close relation with the same type of rotary motor. In the above three kinds of planar motor, the research of induction plane motor is still in the primary stage, and the research activity is less, and it is mainly concentrated in Japan. Variable reluctance planar motor after the first two, thirty years of research and development, has now entered the initial stage of the product. Although the planar motor has the advantages of simple structure, easy control and other advantages, but it has thrust fluctuation and low positioning accuracy, the dynamic between the stator suction force, magnetic saturation, heat and other serious problems, therefore, it is difficult to further improve the level of its application. Permanent magnet synchronous motor (Permanent-Magnet Planar Motors Synchronous, referred to as SPMPM) is a hot spot in recent research and development. With a good overall performance in terms of structure, control precision and loss, have great potential applications in modern lithography and its precision and ultra precision manufacturing equipment, there has been much interest in academic and engineering circles.

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