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Tips for Safely Using an Elevator

Tips for Safely Using an Elevator

1. Call an elevator correctly
Except for the bottom and top terminal landings, intermediate layers usually have two calling buttons. If you want to go downstairs, please press the button that usually marked with ‘↓’, if upstairs, please press the one marked with ‘↑’. Remember not to press the two buttons simultaneously, otherwise it will take you more time to wait for the elevator.

2. Wait for the elevator patiently
After you call the elevator, please find yourself a comfortable zone to wait. Please do not block in front of the elevator door, otherwise the inside passengers cannot evacuate timely. You shall not lean on the elevator door, otherwise accidents might happen when the door opens.

3. Safely get in and out of the elevator
When the elevator arrives, the landing door will open automatically. Please be in accordance with the rule of ‘enter after others come out’, then you shall enter in the lift car after others come out. As the suspending time is generally 4 to 6 seconds, you should get in the elevator as soon as possible. If there are many passengers, it is allowed to press the calling or opening buttons continuously until everyone leaves or enters in the elevator.

4. Considerations for entering the lift car
If the elevator door is open when passengers enter into the lift car, it is necessary to check if the elevator is in level position, or to see if the lift car is arrived to the designated floor. Extra attention should be paid especially at night when the visibility is weak, otherwise casualty may happen. Hence, you shall not linger around the landing door of the elevator.

5. Methods to cope with elevator emergencies such as sudden power failure or breakdown.
When the elevator suddenly halts because of mechanical breakdown, the most safe strategy is not to panic, but ask for help from outsiders and wait for rescue. You mustn’t get out of the lift car from the safety window and into the well, or force the door open to rescue yourself, because it would be very dangerous if the elevator suddenly resumes back into operation.


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