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Roomless Elevator Planar Motor

Patent number: ZL2015 20764107.3, after our team's hard work, the success of independent research roomless elevator planar motor, and obtained the national patent of utility model patents, Derun electromechanical pursuit the core of R&D and manufacturing, it is sufficient to illustrate that Derun electromechanical is the high core technology of the enterprise, we make sustained efforts, let the ultra-thin roomless elevator traction machine be better! Currently the power is available for 90.A, 43.0KW.

The products advantages are as follows: 1 for the first time to achieve encoder replacement for roomless elevator, it will bring to the historic changing 2 disc brake, safety and stability 3 traction wheels has large diameter, large torque, safety coefficient increased 4 traction machine super thickness, for example 1000KG, host 195MM thickness 5 traction rope groove laser quenching

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