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Hydraulic Elevator VS Traction Elevator

 Hydraulic Elevator VS Traction Elevator

There are two conventional types of elevator in the market: hydraulic elevator; traction elevator.

Hydraulic elevator’s requirements for the well, such as headroom height, top machine room, energy saving, etc., is relatively lower than that of traction elevator. Traction elevator is the most conventional type, which is driven by the hoist cable gaining forces from the windlass, so it’s requirements for well are relatively higher, among which the headroom height usually needs to be 4.5 meters, the hydraumatic only needs to be 3.3 meters, and the hoist cable needs to be replaced biennially depending on actual situation. The security of these two types of elevators is highly considerable with national manufacturing standards. The hydraulic lift operates outstandingly on delivering heavy loads whereas it is not good at high altitude delivering. On the contrary, traction lift is good at high altitude delivering but bad at heavy loads delivering.

The market share of hydraulic elevator is no more than 10% or even smaller. Generally speaking, there are more traction elevators (driven by the hoist cable and and the tractor). Traction elevator is divided into a certain kind with machine room and another without machine room. (Of course it can also be divided into: passenger lift, freight lift and passenger-goods lift, etc.) As today’s elevator technology has been very mature, foreign techs are still more advanced than domestic techs. Tractors nowadays gradually develop into non-gear type and become more stable and reliable. In terms of the dynamic force, there are generally regarded to be three types: hydraulic type, traction type, and forced type (driven by the spools and slowly being phased out). Hydraulic elevator is suitable for low building and heavy delivery. Compared with traction elevator, its market potential is not as good as the latter one.

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