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Elevator Traction Machine



Q: What is the elevator traction machine?
A: The elevator traction machine is equipment of driving the car and counterweight device.

Q: How many traction machines can be divided in usually?
Answer: the elevator tractor can be divided into gearless machine and geared driving machine.

Q: What is included in the structure of the main part of geared traction machine?
A: In order to reduce the noise in operation and improve the stability of tractor machine, it is commonly used as a worm gear reduction transmission. Such tractor machine consists of the traction motor, worm and worm wheel, brake, traction sheave, frame and other structures.

Q: what are the characteristics of gearless traction tractor in structure?
A: Gearless traction machine is to be installed directly on the motor shaft without reducer, execution of traction elevator car. Gearless traction machine has no transmission mechanism, no coupling, The required traction speed, by changing the motor speed. So it has a compact, small size, light weight, high transmission efficiency, small vibration, low noise characteristics.

Q: What main components of gearless traction machine in the structure?
A: The gearless elevator tractor machine generally consists of a motor, base, electromagnetic brake, brake wheel, traction wheel bearings and other components.

Q: What kind of type of gearless elevator tractor machine?
A: The gearless traction machine has DC gearless machine, AC gearless machine. AC gearless traction machine can be divided into AC asynchronous and synchronous permanent magnet gearless machine./

Q: What is the traction drive?
A: The traction drive means by using of friction torque generated between the rope and sheave grooves to drive the elevator car and the counterweight to move up and down . It is composed of a traction wheel, a fixed pulley and a movable pulley together to achieve.

Q: What is traction ratio?
A: Traction ratio (roping ratio) refers to the peripheral speed of the traction wheel (rope velocity) and the ratio of the speed of the car.

Q: What is the relationship must be satisfied between the diameter of the traction sheave and the wire rope?
A: According to the safety standards, the diameter of traction sheave must be greater than or equal to 40 times the diameter of the hoisting rope.

Q: What is the axle load?
Answer: Axle load is the static pressure of traction wheel. It includes the weight of wire rope, car and counterweight, cable, chain, load weight ect.

Q: In addition to the traction drive, what is the other traditional driving way?
A: There are the following traditional driving modes:
1.Hydraulic drive: use of oil pressure, cylinder, and plunger drive
2.Drum drive: through the rotation of the drum and winding wire rope around the drum to drive the car movement
3.The use of screw, nut driver
4.The use of gear, rack drive

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