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Elevator Traction Machine


DC180 Traction Machine

DC180 Elevator Traction Machine,Elevator Tractor Motor

DC180 series Elevator Traction Machine is our latest development of "mini" gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine, it is mainly for home elevators, the machine uses an inner rotor structure and 2: 1 suspension installation, so it has many features: the whole weight ultra-light, the axial load capacity, high efficiency, low noise, safety and reliability.

Traction ratio: 2:1 steel wire rope suspension
Brake opening: DC200V / DC1.0A
Brake holding: DC90V / DC0.45A

DC180 elevator traction machine
DC180 elevator tractor motor drawing

Technical parameter:

Rated load kg Rated speed m/s Rated torque N.m Rated power kw Rated current A Rated voltage v Rev (r/min) Rated frequency Hz Diameter mm Groove mm Groove spacing mm Max. shaft load kg
250 0.25 80 0.42 1.1 380 48 12 Φ200 3*Φ8 13 2500
0.4 0.67 1.5 76 19
0.5 0.85 1.74 96 24
320 0.25 108 0.54 1.4 48 12 3*Φ8
0.4 0.86 1.9 76 19
0.5 1.1 2.3 96 24
400 0.25 135 0.68 1.7 48 12 4*Φ8
0.4 1.1 2.4 76 19
0.5 1.35 2.8 96 24

The gearless motors DC180 and all the components supplied by us have been tested in order to guarantee their correct operation. The gearless Elevator Tractor motor has been tested in both empty and loaded operating conditions, in accordance with the technical specifications for velocity, car capacity load, car weight, presence or not of compensation and the type of roping requested when the order was placed. This ensures the correct operation and a minimum number of set-up operations. All responsibility is declined for any malfunctions due to installation with different characteristics, except in the case of specific approval by DERUN.
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