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Any Question For Elevator Traction Machine

Any Question For Elevator Traction Machine

Q: What parts of traction machine provide the input energy?
A: In the elevator system in general the control cabinet provides traction motor AC or DC power supply. For AC traction motor by AC two speed, pressure regulating system, frequency control of speed control mode by different frequency converter or control cabinet to provide power and corresponding control. For the DC traction machine, generally by the rectifier control cabinet or DC power supply.

Q: What are the energy loss in the transmission of elevator geared machine?
A: Usually there are the following energy loss:
1.The mechanical and electrical loss: copper loss of traction motor rotor, and the mechanical loss of bearing and wind friction
2 The mechanical loss for the friction of the reducer worm gear: the general worm reducer transmission efficiency is low but high fever
3 Mechanical loss of input shaft and output shaft of the reducer during operation of bearing efficiency
4.The friction loss between traction wheel and the wire rope

Q: What are the energy loss of gearless traction machine drive?
A: The main is the copper losses of gearless motor rotor and mechanical losses by bearings, wind friction and the friction loss between the traction sheave and the wire rope.

Q: What are the two operating conditions of the motor during the elevator operation?
A: There are two kinds of running state: the state of the motor and the generator state. In some lift loads, such as a car or a car loaded with uplink downlink load, traction machine to overcome some resistance or pull on the car, from the power grid (motor control cabinet) draw electricity, in the motor state. In addition, some load conditions, such as a car or a car loaded with no-load upward and downward, the car side is unbalanced, due to gravity load car car full of natural or natural uplink downlink, without motor powered generators in the state, to the feedback power control cabinet.For non regenerative control cabinet, the energy of the motor feedback will be converted into heat consumption on the braking resistance. For regenerative control cabinet this part of the energy will be fed back to the power grid.

Q: In addition to efficiency performance, are there any other characteristics for elevator gearless traction machine?
A: Because there is no gearless machine speed reducer, system efficiency will be greatly improved, but also to facilitate the operation and maintenance of the construction , reduce the periodic replacement and other maintenance work of a reducer cabinets lubricants

Q: What is the role of the guiding wheel of the elevator tractor?
A: The function of the guide wheel is to adjust the distance between the car and the weight, so as to be suitable for different site layout.


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