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Maintenance for the Mechanical parts of the Elevator

Maintenance for the Mechanical parts of the Elevator

1. The elevator’s tractor needs to be lubricated with grease. There are two scale marks on the cover of the traction machine, and the oil volume should be in the middle of the two scales. If it is beneath the lower scale, it means that the tractor needs fueling, otherwise the tractor and driving engine would burn up after an incessant operation of the elevator. Every time when the elevator runs for a long time, its oil should be replaced in a timely manner, so that the tractor maintains to be lubricant.

2.Cleaning and lubrication for the guide shoes of elevator. It is acknowledged; that the guide shoes run on the lead rails with a grease cup on top of it. To avoid friction noise caused during the operation of elevator, it is necessary to fill the grease cup and clean the guide shoes and the lift car regularly.

3. Maintenance for the landing door and car door. As elevator failures generally happen to the landing door and car door, extra maintenance should be applied to these two parts. Firstly, the upper door sills should be lubricated to avoid unpleasant noise while opening or closing. Secondly, make sure the controlling cables of safety edges and the inductive edges for door are intact. As the controlling cables are easily to be abraded due to high frequency using of the car door, it requires continual inspection by maintenance personnel. If necessary, the cables should be replaced in advance, so that consumers will confide in the quality of elevator for the reliable performance of the lift car door.

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